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Content Warning: Contains explicit language (See "lyrics' for details).

"Imprisonment" sums up the feeling that drove me to create this album in the first place: the idea that, whether from social pressures or self doubts or shifts in policy that land a person on the wrong side of existence in a given place and time, we all know what it feels like to be imprisoned in some way, physically or emotionally. The feelings are the same, regardless of the reality.


“It was unique, I’ve never screamed so loud in my life. I’ve never been so upset in my life. And it was an experience of being out of control.”
- Prisoner 8612

“Dammit! F***ed up! You don’t know, you don’t know! I mean, God! I mean, Jesus Christ, I’m burnin’ up inside, don’t you know?! I just f***in’ can’t take it.”
- Prisoner 8612

We put good people in an evil place, and we saw who won, the evil place won over the good people.
You know there was no solidarity, there was no support between the prisoners.

“I feel f***ed up inside, I feel really f***ed up inside, you don’t know. I gotta go. I, ju.. to a doctor, anything! I can’t say, th.. I’m f***ed up! I don’t know how to explain it, I’m all f***ed up inside! I want out! I want out now!”
- Prisoner 8612

The study showed that power corrupts. And how difficult it is for people who are victims of abuse to stand up and defend themselves.


from RePulse, released August 4, 2017
“The Stanford Prison Experiment” (BBC Documentary)




David Sprinkle Vancouver, Washington

I am a multimedia electronic musician and artist. Sometimes I push boundaries, sometimes I do silly things, sometimes I hit the nail on the head. Enjoy!

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