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"Suppress" questions censorship, regardless of the source.


What do religious fundamentalists and big media corporations have in common? They believe that they own culture.
They’re teaching young artists to be scared of music.
I am taking ideas that are already there, and I synthesize them into something. My project is a remix project.
It’s bad enough that someone might think that your art’s not good, but, ‘hey you can go to jail for it!’
If I don't make this piece of art because I'm scared then the terrorists have won.
So many people don't understand this is a free speech issue.
I do have to remember as an artist to be humble.


from RePulse, released August 4, 2017
“How Copyright Restrictions Suppress Art: An Interview With Nina Paley About ‘Sita Sings The Blues’”




David Sprinkle Vancouver, Washington

I am a multimedia electronic musician and artist. Sometimes I push boundaries, sometimes I do silly things, sometimes I hit the nail on the head. Enjoy!

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